Mitre 10 and their largest competitor Bunnings were fighting for their share of the DIY customer, with fairly identical strategies. Mitre 10 was retaining a slight edge by coupling their product and price communications with some engaging brand ads, but 90% of their budget was still directed at their retail TV, press & catalogue executions. There was little to differentiate Mitre 10 from Bunnings beyond price.

Knowing that DIY skills were diminishing in NZ, Mitre 10 saw the opportunity to differentiate and grow the market.


Address the knowledge gap by making DiY appear “Easy As” – inspiring more Kiwi’s to DIY with Mitre 10.


We partnered with TVNZ to create over 80 minutes of “How to” video content, across 24 DIY projects. This content was stretched across a variety of channels, wrapping the DIY journey to inspire, inform and equip Kiwis to give DIY a go.

The result was a massive sales increase for Mitre 10. When Mitre 10 shows people how to paint, paint sales increase. When they show you how easy it is to build a wooden fence, fence paling sales increase.

‘Easy As’ has shifted Mitre 10 from a company that just sells stuff, to one that gives their customers the unique satisfaction of completing DIY projects.