Faced with declining sales and increasing costs, MINI challenged us to become their global test market; could we be the first in the world to sell ONE new MINI straight off their website – without dealerships, test drives or any other sales support?!

Given this defied all category norms and left the entire sales process in the buyer’s hands, this had to be a 100% emotional decision to overcome rational barriers to buying a $50,000 car online.

The exclusivity of 15 limited release MINI SOHO’s was an emotive hook for our ‘social urbanite’ audience, who thrive on self-expression and social recognition.


Amplify this exclusivity by creating individuality.

Despite having 15 identical cars, our media strategy was to create a perception of 15 individual choices, by developing a unique personality and campaign for EACH car…all through media.


We crafted each identity to reflect a specific audience insight based on their behaviour, lifestyle or social touch-points. The creative was literally just numbers; it was the media that brought these personalities to life.

So we abandoned traditional automotive formats, creating our own contextualized placements for each personality, for example:


  • NAUGHTY #2 bombed pedestrian environments and competitor car-yards/billboards with thousands of statically-charged posters
  • PERFECT #10 hit inner-city gyms with branded sweat-towels and locker stickers

Search ad-groups supported each number, focused on personality key-words over car buying/competitor terms.

Each number’s activity had to work independently; however the campaign relied on cross-channel exposure to multiple numbers, delivering scale and engaging our audience to answer “What’s your number?”.

The result? We established it was possible to sell MINIs online; without showrooms, test-drives, discounting, trade-ins, or even seeing the car; lowering traditional cost-per-sale ratios and delivering over $700k of additional revenue over target.