A unique challenge requires a unique solution. So when we were tasked with driving new prospects to support the new BMW X1, we took a chance on a completely new approach.

The X1 is a sports utility vehicle with the proposition, “Joy is Unplanned”, and research showed the car would appeal to people that love spontaneity. But how to find them?


Target people with an appetite for spontaneity…by rewarding their spontaneous behaviour.


We convinced three top Auckland restaurants, regularly frequented by drivers of competitor vehicles, to add a mystery dessert to their specials menu for one week. It was called simply “The X1” and featured no description or price. Waiters were briefed not to divulge anything about the dish, but to encourage diners to be spontaneous.

At the conclusion of the meal, people who ordered the dessert were told that the cost of the dessert would be covered thanks to the new BMW X1 and invited to fill in a response card to request a test drive or more information.

It worked. By tapping into target audience insights and sweet-talking a few restaurants, we were able to develop our own – entirely new – direct response media channel. This new channel was incredibly successful, delivering a cost per lead that was 95% lower than benchmark.